Where are you Samsung?

Posted on 21 August 2008 by

IMG_7193 There’s a story everywhere here. Take this one for example. An empty stand in the middle of the mobile Internet device area in the technology showcase exhibition at IDF. What were Samsung going to show and why aren’t they there!

I’ve been asking, but nobody knows!

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  • grizznasty

    hahaha.. i love this web site..

  • they are going to launch everything on IFA…. hopefully ;)

  • X830

    They are always good for surprises.

  • Did anyone ever find out?! With Samsung’s brand name and past UMPC experience, it’s intriguing to think what they might have had. Or if they’ve *canceled* what they had.

  • enthusiast

    Yea, and where is the Dell 910/E/mini or whatever?

    ANd where did my damn cat go last night?

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