JKK tests Eee SSDs

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Fed up with the slow speed of the SSD in your Eee PC? Want more storage than what your device currently has? Look no further. Jkk has received a bunch of different Mini PCIe SSD from an online retailer and put them to the test. There are two different types – the faster and more expenisve SLC, and the slower and cheaper MLC. Unfortunately Asus uses the MLC one on some of its devices which results in them being quite slow. If you feel confident enough to swap the disk out in your Eee, head on over to jkkmobile for more information.

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  • matt

    Excellent this was something I was very interested in finding out. Maybe buy the low end Dell mini 4gb and swap out a super fast drive. But really depending on pricing and performance. Still have to read the whole review.

  • matt

    Just wish there were more samples reviewed. But still great info to know.

  • neilvaage

    Looking forward to receiving my 32 GB SLC SSD from MDD tomorrow or the day after, as the FedEx tracking information says it is in my country as of yesterday night.

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