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s101 product page

The Asus Eee S101 has gotten its own official press page. Featured on the page are some good videos, images, and probably most importantly some release dates. On the first screen of the product page, you can roll your mouse over a bar on the left that is vertically labeled as "S101 launch schedule", and you can see when the S101 has apparently launched, or will be launched in the future, and what locales that each date corresponds to. There are some videos talking about the S101 and Eee PCs in general, and also some press photos from the initial announcement. One section of the page mentions that the S101 runs almost completely silent, and uses Asus’ exclusive "Super Hybrid Engine" to push the S101 to 5 hours of battery life.

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  • 1024×600 (so they didn’t upgrade screen)?

    Need more than 1024×600 to edit Powerpoint presentations for business presentations at work and on the road with customers. These presentations that will run on a pretty much standard 1024×768 vga projector! So, at only 600 to the bottom, it is a pain to keep scrolling all the time, while editing, and when testing the presentation/slide show, we can’t see our whole slide show that is supposed to show up on the 1024×768 projected screen). It is too bad that Asus, with a new model, aimed at a business class of users, did not take it under consideration that the mobile work force needs at least 768 to the bottom (as you never know when you will be building a presentation for use at work or on the road).

    • ProDigit

      What’s more, they didn’t make it 720 pix even. How can it be that HD videocontent has to be sized down to fit the screen?
      1280×720 I had expected at least..

      Yet, no complaining, apart for the diamonds (and technical specs, which aren’t really that extraordinary compared to eg: EeePc 901) this device looks really nice!

  • Judge

    I just dont get this UMPC! its gonna be £449 in the UK
    which is completley unrealistic when you consider a M912M is gonna be at least £50 cheaper and alot more capable.

    Its basically just a slightly lighter 1000 series with a poorer battery life. Charging £150 more than a 1000 is just taking the mick. We are in a global recession after all.

    The Business user isnt gonna be interested either as they are gonna go for the more well known Toshiba and Fujitsui proffesional brands in this class.

  • weatherman

    If they can bring this to the US for $600, I’m definitely getting it. But from what I can tell from that website, it’s NEVER coming to the US! Why?! Does Asus consider it putting pearls before swine? Oh Asus, we were the ones who made the Eee succssesful in the first place, even when it was a little 7″ POS! Surely we deserve access to this new little gem…

  • L


    what are you talking about? If you open the launch page, place the mouse over 2008/10/21 (today), and the little red ball indicates USA.
    dont worry, you can still get one or two or more if you like!

    • L

      why oh why is the camera 0.3megapixels for the top of the line netbook?!?! Their lover line netbooks have a 1.3mp cameras. Most cell phones out there now have better cameras!
      jeez asus…cmon now!

      • L

        edit: “lower” not lover!

    • weatherman

      How right you are. I don’t know how I missed that. Thanks!

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  • Judge

    This is the UMPC version of putting lipstick on a pig!

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  • ProDigit

    Today seems USA release

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