tnkgrl mods everything you need onto the Acer Aspire One

Posted on 31 October 2008 by

aa1modTnkgrl has been on a modding-spree with her new Acer Aspire One [Portal page]. I noted in my review of the Aspire One that some of the important connectivity options were lacking, such as Bluetooth and 3G. Luckily smart people like tnkgrl are here to show us how we can fix some of those important but neglected components.

Moving on to part three of her Aspire One modding-spree, she shows us how to put HSDPA into the Aspire One for 3G connectivity. Amateurs be warned: this is not a simple RAM upgrade, but if you still feel up to the task, tnkgrl has provided a helpful list of steps, images, and a video of making it all happen.

Also don’t miss part one and two where you can find out how to dissemble the Aspire One, add RAM, Bluetooth, and a 1.8" HDD.

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  • She is fantastic! I first read about her when she opened up the ASUS EEE 701 and soldered a bunch of stuff(Bluetooth)onto the MB! Yes this shouldn’t be tried by the faint of heart!!!!


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