Maemo 5 hints at new Nokia Tablet features and timescale.

Posted on 17 December 2008 by has just released the first Pre-Alpha of Maemo 5 (AKA Freemantle) which is the OS that will support the new OMAP 3 platform expected to be used in the next Nokia Tablet.

The new release includes a lot of new features including support for cellular data, high-def cameras, hardware-based graphics and the clutter user interface (also planned for Moblin 2 in spring 2009)

Demo of a Clutter-based user interface

It’s important to note that this is a Pre-Alpha release and not even ready for 3rd-party devs to build their apps on yet so we’re obviously months away from a new Nokia Tablet launch. As Maemo 5 progresses though, expect to see deadlines appear which would indicate hardware launch timeframes. Also note that there’s an Intel build. Is this X86 or the old intel Xscale hardware we wonder? Anyone got info? – announcements: First Maemo 5 SDK release targeting platform developers.

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  • ChristophD

    The typo police warns: it’s Maemo, not Meamo.

    • Thanks! I always get that and ‘Daemon’ wrong!

  • kornel

    Shame on you chippy you did in fact switch the letters! ;)

  • fab

    this is a nice DEMO, like it is with nokias N97… though i definitely believe it won’t be like that even close when ready. just look at the bottom where the popup displays “ calling”. how comes the finger of the user is UNDER the popup while moving…this shows a nice demo which in finished samples will never look like that. I saw a first hands review of the Nokia N97, which undoubtly looks like a normal nokia smartphone just with bigger screen and touchinterface. but not that fancy window switching thing like in the demo video…

    i’d rather see a real OS or whatever which is not oh-so-wow but at least really good for productivity…or whatsoever…

    • fab

      oh forgot..what is it always having to show some squares and blocks that can be moved around… what is it anyway? show me email apps, document editing, browsing features, quick access to apps and docs… no? yeah, because they are always the same…i want a FAST switching OS with no lags when having to open anything, i don’t care about squares flying’s like compiz fusion in linux, nice to see…how it kills your graphic adapter and ram… :-)

  • Will

    Clutter has nice eye candy for sure but the novelty is going to wear off very quickly and you’ll be left with an interface that looks painful to use.

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