UMPC Fever Viliv S5 hands-on and unboxing videos

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ultra mobile PC Fever has gotten a Viliv S5 [Portal page] and already have some videos up. There are also lots of good unboxing pics up over at ultra mobile PC Fever, have a look! (auto translated by Google). The S5, as you will recall, is a MID device that has been very popular according to our Portal charts. 

Here are the specs of the device as shown in the video:

  • Intel’s 1.33GHz Atom Z520 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 60Gb hard-drives
  • hardware 1080p HD video acceleration
  • 4.8 inches 1024 x 600
  • 22.9wh battery (~4 hours WIFI on)
  • GPS
  • Windows XP Home

Take a look at the unboxing video first below:


Video language is not in English but the text is.

Next, see the hands-on video.


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  • UMPC Fever Viliv S5 hands-on and unboxing videos

  • anon

    1024×600? I thought it had a 800×480 screen.

    • chippy

      There was early talk of 800×480. Looks like that option has been completely dropped. I’ve updated the database to reflect the new details.


      • DavidC1

        The Korean models have 3 versions. The S-log, I-log and the F-log, from cheapest to the most expensive model. The S-log has 800×480 resolution and the two other models have 1024×600 resolution.

  • Lamar

    i want one now!!!!!

  • deriuqer

    It couldn’t be easier to produce a extended (twice as thick) battery for the S5,so come on YuKyung,glue/solder two of them together and start selling them as accessory.

    With the same size as the Aigo but without physical keyboard the price will be the factor of success or fail.

  • Robert

    I really like the specs of the Viliv S5.

    But one feature that is missing is a front webcam to use with skype video

    If this feature would be present on this device I would surely buy one.

    regards Robert

  • vadim

    Can anyone answer the question – will the virtual keyboard support languages other than English? Russian, for example.)

    • The virtual keyboard is a SW thing. So I would say why not. It should be easy to modify it.

  • Christian Kurz

    Typing seems awfully slow on the virtual keyboard. Does he only type that slow because he is not used to it or is it to inaccurate type faster?
    I like the transparent look of the keyboard and the screen seems nice too.

  • Robson

    No webcam :(

  • onadesert

    Not only a webcam but alos a microphone is missing. I can live without web cam but without microphone…. :( That is the biggest problem that makes me to hesitate to buy a S5. All i want to do with a MID is web surfing, Skype call and GPS navigation.

    • I would use a BT headset anyway. You want all people around to hear your Skype calls? A headset should be a perfect accessory.

  • steven

    Is this being released in the US in March? Would anyone know a date because I WANT!

  • Robson

    onadesert I agree with You, MID device should have this :)

  • Cal

    He’s saying that every time he taps a key, the device provides haptic feedback in the form of vibrational responses. He’s says it makes for easy touch typing, etc.

  • f1nal

    What about the WWAN function? Will there be a HSDPA/HSUPA module for the European version of the S5?

    Will there also be DVB-T instead of DMB? Or will that feature be removed completely, because why to sell a DMB capable UMPC in Europe where nearly no one can use it..


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