114 CeBIT Photos

Posted on 08 March 2009 by

I’ve uploaded the ‘best of’ my CeBIT photos to Flickr. A slideshow is embedded below but you can also see them here.

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  • RT @chippy: 114 CeBIT Photos http://www.umpcportal.com/?p=6145

  • squirrel

    Waiing for 5 secs for photo to load is annoying
    Can I download them, or see on one big web page?

    • chippy

      Yup, click the link in the article.

    • chippy

      And I just found out you can go fullscreen and get icon-bar, FFWD, pause and info on-screen. Cool embedd from Flickr!

      • squirrel

        Chippy, thank you!
        (but still in manual (not slideshow) mode pictures loads only when i click on each, i cannot load them all beforehand. for example when you watch flash video on a slow internet connection you can pause it and do smth else, and in the meantime browser will cache it, so you can later return and watch it without pauses)

  • turn.self.off

    ah, jkk and the ibm sign. to bad the images this time do not have the same kind of cyberpunk flare…

  • Sarig

    The keyboard with a orb-mouse intrigued me, who’s it from?

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