Beagle MID highlights ARM-based possibilities

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BeagleLCD2 I feel sure there’s a few similar projects lying around on lab benches around the world as OEMs test out the capabilities of the next generation of ARM-based platforms and think about MID-focused products but it’s great to see a company, HY Research, take the time to write up such a project in so much detail. If you fancy making your own MID, you now have more inspiration then ever!

The MID uses the Beagle Board, $150 OMAP 3530-based development board and adds the interfacing, power, screen, buttons, connectors and casing to turn it into a fully working MID.

The whole project was done in around 80 hours of work. Information on the build process can be found here along with other Beagle Board projects here.

Via Slashgear and MAKE

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Beagle MID highlights ARM-based possibilities

  2. Katie Morgan says:

    RT @chippy: New article: Beagle MID highlights ARM-based possibilities

  3. MichelleSpencer says:

    RT@katiedmo RT @chippy: New article: Beagle MID highlights ARM-based possibilities

  4. Lori Kate Smith says:

    RT @chippy: New article: Beagle MID highlights ARM-based possibilities

  5. John says:

    Hm. Scale it up to 7″ screen, add a split thumb keyboard (ala pepper pad, wibrain, or q1 ultra), and then put Mer/Android dual boot on it…

  6. JP says:

    Humm, I dreamed several times of doing that myself. (but, well, it’s not that easy to build that kind of things, so…)

    When I’m looking at the Beagle Board, one of the thingd that comes to my mind is “this motherboard is small enough to be the motherboard of some portable device”. Seems that I was not alone.

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