MeetMobility Podcast 28. Computex 2009 Warm-Up

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JKK, ‘Sash’ and I recorded Meet Mobility Podcast 28 this afternoon. We spent an enjoyable 50+ minutes talking about Computex and what we think might be on the cards.

Check out the show notes and listen in at MeetMobility.

We’re all going to be there next week which makes the event twice as exciting! I’ll be at Computex as a guest of Intel so you’ll find breaking Intel-focused coverage over at MIDMoves. I’ll be covering the Intel keynotes where we’re expecting news on Moblin, Moorestown and the new netbook platform, PineView. There’s some mumblings about MIDs too. I’ll also be posting as normal in UMPCPortal so keep both sites in your bookmarks and check back regularly.

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  • Steve ‘Chippy’ Paine

    New article: MeetMobility Podcast 28. Computex 2009 Warm-Up

  • TuxMeister

    Chippy, I just finished listening to the podcast. Can you guys post somewhere like a roundup of stuff that can be done with the Smart Q7 at the moment, in terms of SO replacement for Android/MER? I haven’t been able to find anything useful and would love to try Android on that.

    P.S. Great podcast. You guys have fun in Computex and make sure you bring a lot of product reviews back!


    • Smart Q7 review and roundup post coming up in just a few hours!

      • TuxMeister

        Thanks a lot, man, really appreciate it! Can’t wait to have a look.

  • RT @chippy: New article: MeetMobility Podcast 28. Computex 2009 Warm-Up (KK: Have fun with my @intel peeps in Taipei!)

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