Develop a Web App, Win one of 5 Ultrabooks!

Posted on 30 September 2011 by

We’ve given you a heads up (or two) about Intel’s AppUp application store wanting to expand into Ultrabooks. It’s a move that could even see some synergy in the Windows 8 Metro UI [Tenuous, Insider] and could be a serious earner for both Intel and developers but it needs seeding. That’s why Intel are offering prizes. In this case $250 for a Web app submission and and five chances to win an Ultrabook.

All you need to do is be quick.

The first 200 quality Web apps validated by the program and entered in the Intel AppUp developer challenge: Web App Edition will win $250 USD!

You’ll need to check out the AppUp Encapsulator or too but with 200 chances on offer, it’s worth the effort.

You’ve got until last validation on January 30, 2012,3:00 pm PST, Contest entries may be submitted in English, French, Italian, German or Spanish. [Full rules here]

P.S. You can submit up to 10 apps.

Developer Challenge | Intel AppUp(SM) developer program.

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