Lenovo Ideapad U300S, Available for Pre-Order, Shipping in 3 weeks.

Posted on 26 September 2011 by

Following a tweet by  Dynamism today I took a look around to see if others were also advertising the Lenovo Ideapad U300s. Sure enough, we’ve got model details and prices available at a range of places in the USA and  even an estimated shipping date. It won’t be long!


The specifications match what we were told at IFA with two models being available.

  • 10802BU – U300S CI5/1.6 With Intel Core I5-2467M, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD for around $1200 RRP
  • 108026U – U300S CI7/1.8 With Intel Core I7-2677M, 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD for around $1600 RRP (Grey)
    or 108027U – U300S CI7/1.8 With Intel Core I7-2677M, 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD for around $1600 RRP (Clementine Orange)

For $1200 you won’t have to worry about a Core i3 or a small SSD and there’s Rapid-Drive technology, USB3.0, Wi-Di capable network card, Anti-Theft, Rapid-Charge and a full aluminum shell. [We’ve updated the U300 specifications page]

Dynamism are estimating a ship date of October the 17th for the Core i7 versions of the U300.

Note: The Lenovo Ideapad U300s is the ‘ultrabook’ version of the existing Lnovo Ideapad U300. Lighter, rapid-charge included.

  • Lovek9s

    How does one preorder?

    • There’s an order page available on the Dynamism website.

  • What a great new site/blog. Are you guys part of netbooknews? Keep up the great work!!

    • Not part of Netbooknews but we work closely together. I’ve known Sascha for quite some years now!

  • Anonymous

    So much for sub-$1000. I’m looking forward the most to these Lenovo Ultrabooks, but if right off the bat they’re trying to sell for >$1200…I’m looking somewhere else.

    • I think the price will feel even higher when the Asus UX21, UX31 prices become available. Remember these are only early recommended prices. Expect some price drops as manufacturers jostle for position.

      • Anonymous

        I would hope so. Although it is concerning when Dynamism already lists the higher end version for $1599! I’m sure that’ll leave a bad first impression.

        I’m more inclined toward the U300 version because of price. Sure wish they made it a 12.1″, like the U260…but with better battery life and more color choices.

        Not sure why the U300 wouldn’t be considered part of the Ultrabook category…still pretty sleek even though a little bigger.

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