Ritchie Reports: Asus UX31 Ultrabook Looking Good!

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Here’s what I hope will be the start of a series of posts on the Asus UX31 Ultrabook from Ritchies Room. Ritchie has some time with th UX31 so if you’ve got questions, head on over and ask.

Of all the Ultrabooks, the UX21 and UX31 have the most striking design and compared to the others it feels a touch more solid all-round. Ritchie praises its rigidity.

The UX31 has a full-size SD (HC or XC?) port and a USB 3.0 port making it useful for photo and video editing in my opinion. The weight, at 1.1kg, is almost too light to believe. Get it on the scales!

Ritchie echoes something I’ve been telling people too.

“After spending a few hours with the UX31, it’s funny how quickly you get used to the form factor – my trusty notebook that I’m writing this article on looks and feels positively chunky after handling the Ultrabook”

That’s not the only feature that will hook people in to the Ultrabooks! Any sign of Wi-Di, Anti-Theft, Smart Connect and other features Ritchie?

Head on over for more pics and information.

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  • FredrikAug

    First of all – awsome site, thanks for keeping all the info about UBs at the same place. There are some updates that needs to be done in the UX31 datasheet, I think the screen res is 1600×900? Do we know anything about if the keyboard is backlit on this model?

    • Yes. There are a few devices that haven’t had full official specs released or a detailed enough hands on. I’m back-filling where I can. Feedback like this helps a lot, thanks!

    • I’m keeping an eye out for updates. Thanks for the feedback. Hopefuly we’ll get full spec confirmation from Ritchie soon!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE this site
    LOVE ultrabooks and really wanna know if this will support thunderbolt and wi-di

    • No thunderbolt in this but we still have to find.out if its got the correct Wi-Di capable wireless card. Wi-Di is going to be a really difficult in for customers as there’s a wide range of qualities and vertically little information offered by manufacturers.

  • FredrikAug

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