Toshiba Satellite Z830 Up for Pre-Order – €999

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Excellent news! I was worried that the entry level Toshiba Z830 would be above €1000 but it’s not. The Toshiba Satellite Z830 Ultrabook is available for pre-order in Europe (or at least in Germany and UK) for €999. Even Amazon Germany are listing it.  [Z830 At Amazon – Aff.]

Update: Toshiba UK are now listing a range of models.


The model we’ve found at at least four retailers is the  Toshiba Satellite Z830-10J  (4GB, Core i5 2467 @1.6Ghz, 128GB SSD and delivery estimates range through November.

There’s also some confirmation of some extra specifications that we weren’t sure about. SDXC card support is there along with a water repellant a9and backlit) keyboard and Wi-Di support. I’m thinking of serious mobile media situations when I look at the spec list now.  The screen is identified as a ‘high brightness’ screen and confirmed as non-glossy.

There’s also a Z830-10U version with 6GB of RAM.

Full specifications confirmed, along with further reading available on our Toshiba Z830 information and tracking page.

Via Geizhals.

  • Michaelpaulpenang

    $999 euros is $1,387.81. Isn’t that a lot of money in today’s world for non apple buyers?

    • Vyacheslav Delchev

      999 euros in Europe = 999$ in America. There are more taxes in Europe, so the price is different. In UK it would be around 850 pounds.


        Since Wednesday 19th Oct the Toshiba UK website has listed the Satellite Z830-10T (i3 processor) for £899 inc VAT, and the Satellite Z830-10U (i5 processor) for £999 inc VAT. The comparable 10N and 10P Portege models are £899 and £869 excluding VAT.


          Sorry, the last figure there should have been £969 excluding VAT.

        • Thanks for the tip. I’m writing this up in a new article now.

    • Chippy

      999 euros is a 119% price. All European prices are shown with makes tax (19% here) included. Usually you can count on a 1:1 $/€ price.

    • 999 euros is a 119% price. All European prices are shown with sales tax (19% here) included. Usually you can count on a 1:1 $/€ price.

      • Michaelpaulpenang

        Its still pretty pricey in today’s world where most people are used to $300 to $500 notebooks. Ultrabook sellers will have a hard time selling their machines at such prices. Not only that, a recent survey I read, majority of US notebook buyers are 15.6 inch buyers. The 13 inch and below make such a small and insignificant category and even that, it is taken up by netbooks and tablets. So, without volume sales, ultrabooks will have a real difficult time.

        • I think that’s fine with Intel at the moment. Right now they’re just testing the market, and their supply chains for certain parts are so strained that I doubt they could mass-produce these things for the general consumer if they wanted to.

  • Anonymous

    Although it’s 999 euros, they wont just convert it over to dollars. It’ll probably be, when available in North America, around $1000 as well.

  • UltrabookLover

    Would buy it right away if there where a TouchScreen for upcomming Windows8, even if the Screen would be a bit thicker.

  • Looks like Sony Vaio S

  • This product is perfect for the ones needs thin and fast products. Mac Air is good, but some people does not want to use it because of the operations system.
    This is a pure pc, with Windows 7 , good battery life, fast, thin.

    I think the only need is a better screen with high quality..

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