Toshiba Z830 UK Availability Announcement, Again!

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Toshiba UK, operating independently from West Europe, North America and other regions have had specs, pricing and availability for the Toshiba Z830 available for a few weeks now but, for good measure, (or we suspect, a bit of timely fact regurgitation from The Register) the story is doing the rounds again today.

Toshiba UK already have model names, price and details available (details here) so all you’ll need to do is to wait for the first hands-on and then you can finally make your decision between the 4 Ultrabooks and the Ultrabook alternatives.

Interestingly, one large electronics retailer in Germany is convinced that the Z830 with be available on the 7th November [Conrad]. We’re trying to confirm this and are also looking forward to the Z830 as the first review device here on Ultrabooknews. More details on that in due course.

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  • Adam

    They’re available for $999 CDN pre-order from Best Buy Canada, too.

    • Chippy

      Any delivery dates available in Canada?

      • Adam

        Yea, December 2nd… OUCH. I’m thinking that’s just a worst-case placeholder because they had to put something in. (I hope so anyway.)

  • Michael

    The new Fujitsu SH771 offers much longer battery life and has all the perks of an ultrabook ie thin etc but without the crappy battery life of an ultrabook.

    Yet, its not an ultrabook but a notebook.

    Lines between ultrabook and notebook are getting blur now. These are tell tale signs of a possible demise of the ultrabook.

    • Chippy

      If we reach Ultrabook style with battery life of a heavier laptop it doesnt matter what its called! Everyone will be happy.

    • Chippy

      A couple of gotchas on the sh771. In SSD build this will cost arpund $2000 and will have a 67w battery giving 9.5hrs in a Jeita test. (effectivley idle.) Normal use scenario on the sh771 will be 6hrs going down to a hot and loud sub 3hr experience (gaming, video editing etc) Please be careful of headlines! I’ll write this up in an article over the next 24hrs. Hi-cap battery option looks nice though.

  • Dan

    I know this is a UK thread, but I just read that it’s coming to BestBuy in the US for $899:

    • Chippy

      Not sure why engadget chose that as an important story (affiliate link perhaps?) but yes, the z835 Best Buy exclusive is a good price. Also available for the same price as the Z830 I think.

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