Acer Aspire S3 Incoming for Review. Toshiba Z830 Review Delayed.

Posted on 02 December 2011 by

I want to publicly thank Morgan, @morganmobile who’s just packaged up an Acer S3 and shipped it off from Finland to us here in Germany. Who needs PR people when you’ve got contacts like that! He’s been busy testing a number of solutions and I plan to get his thoughts here in text soon.


We’ll be running the Samsun 900X1B live review on Saturday [details here] and finalizing a written review over the next 3 or 4 days. After that we’ll be getting it together with the Acer S3 for a week. I’ll let you all know about the live session for that.

Once the S3 is out the way we should be lined-up with the Toshiba Z830. I know a lot of you have been waiting for a review of that so my apologies about the delay. It’s expected within the next 2 weeks. As for the Lenovo U300S, I’m working on it. [Any Lenovo PR people out there?]

It’s going to be a busy few weeks…but fun!

  • Dan

    I’m still dying to find out info on the U300s US release date… that’s been delayed a number of times.

    Lenovo say mid December 2011. But they said November, and October also.

    A few people managed to get a first round production from US retailers, but very limited quantities. I ordered the orange core i7 256gb from ABT no November 9th. It’s been delayed and I’m just still waiting.

    • Dan

      I should update, if anyone’s listening… it’s in stock at newegg… I cancelled my abt order and one has shipped to me! …U300s i7 256 in orange!

      • Chippy

        First owner review coming up? Happy to have guest post here but if you blog something, let us know and I’ll link it to the product page.

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