Videos – Acer S3 Ultrabook Live Review, Ultrabook Q&A

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[Live session over – details removed]

Thanks to everyone that turned up at the Acer Aspire S3 Live Review this evening. It was another great detailed session of testing and Q&A. The videos are now on our YouTube channel and embedded below.

Thanks also to @morganmobile who sent his personal Acer S3 over for Ultrabooknews to test. He’s doing tests on Ultrabooks himself so make sure you follow him on Twitter to keep up with his latest thoughts.

Update: Live videos now available for re-play.

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  • komoornik

    Great ! I missed the session !

    More info on the main site next time? :(

    • Chippy

      I did put info in a post last week but I’ll try and get a better notification space set up.

  • komoornik

    Is it just me, or the screen is bouncing all the time?

    I’ve got my hands on it few days ago, and it was doing almost the same – seems such a cheap device.

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  • Anand Goel

    I am surprised not to find even one ultra book that is available with in built wireless WAN (e.g 3g module). As ultra book are basically meant for the people on the move and also if they have to compete with tablets than the companies must have models with in built wireless WAN as in tablets.

    • Chippy

      There’s an unused cellular signal lamp on the z830 and I heard it will eventually be available with 3G.

  • Anaizi

    thanks for presenting your ideas and thoughts to us.

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