Hot Pink ASUS Ultrabook at CES

Posted on 09 January 2012 by

We’ve just spent some time with Asus  looking around a selection of the products being shown at CES this week. Unfortunately there are no new Ultrabooks being shown but there’s a “Hot Pink” UX21 here. Not for the faint hearted (Or maybe it is!)




An ASUS representative tells us that the next Asus Ultrabooks will be launched in the April timeframe and will be Ivy Bridge based. No details were given.

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  • komoornik

    I read somehwere they will be only shipping with Elan touchpads.

  • PinkyBrain

    There will also be a rose golden version of the UX31. Really looking forward to this!

  • Ema Nymton

    You’re looking forward to a “rose golden” version???!? REALLY?… That speaks volumes; are you:
    a. female
    b. an Asus rep
    c. from South East Asia
    d. a flaming homosexual?

    I hope this is a practical joke…

    • PinkyBrain

      I’ll go with a. ;)

  • FrankieFiver

    My kingdom for a 11.6 inch ultrabook with solid battery life and functional keyboard!

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