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The Intel CES press conference has just finished. Here are the notes taken during the event…

The stage was dedicated to Ultrabooks today at Intels CES Press Event. 10 Ultrabooks featured in the main display from Toshiba, LG, Acer, Compal, Asus, HP and Lenovo. Mooley Eden called it the ‘Ultrabook Press Conference’ which indicates how important Ultrabooks are to Intel.

In the short press conference we heard an overview of the key features of Sandy Bridge and an overview of ‘user experience.’



We saw an interactive photo album from Acrsoft being demonstrated along with interactive game demos


Mooley demonstrated a Mastercard near-field and identity protection protected purchase.



On the future, Mooley talked about the user interface highlighting how ‘touch’ has skipped the notebook. “Its not going to skip the Ultrabook” he says and then shows two touchscreen-enabled Ultrabooks and the Nikiski with a transparent touchpad.



Update: Check out the video to see the slider ultrabook.


Nuance announced speech activation for the Ultrabook and finally, we saw a demo of gestures for Ultrabooks.

On marketing, Intel highlighted a huge amount of momentum that already exists and what will happen in 2012. The main ‘new era campaign will be starting in April 2012 and there will be new partner marketing activities.

Will-I-Am will be announcing something on stage at the Keynote. We’ll be there!

Finally, Intel announces that 50 Ultrabooks are hidden under seats in the auditorium! We didn’t get one but there are now 50 happy Asus UX31 owners here!

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  • vjachi

    Hi Chippy. Is there some info about the touchscreens (right up) or after 1-2 days when you will be able to review them?

  • turn_self_off

    yay, as if nothing has happened in a decade.

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