Lenovo U310, U410 Ultrabooks Pics, Video

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Lenovo U310  U410 (3)

At the CES Unveiled event in Las Vegas this evening, Lenovo was showing off two new Ultrabook, official Ultrabook, notebooks. The U310 and U410 are said to more mainstream 13” and 14” Ultrabooks which I take to mean ‘cheaper with more storage.’ I hope this doesn’t mean the start of the end of SSD-based Ultrabooks!

I spoke to a Lenovo representative who said that these Ultrabooks may even ship with Ivy Bridge processors if Intel are ready in time. A Q3 time-frame would permit that. The devices I saw were running Sandy Bridge. The 14” U410 will have a discreet GPU option – NVIDIA GeForce 610M.

Update: According to a press release reported at Slashgear, the pricing will start at $699

Lenovo U310  U410 (11)Lenovo U310  U410 (10)

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The U310 and U410 will run hybrid hard drives (SSD options may be available) and aim for a true 8hr battery life with a 50Wh battery or more. No final specifications list is available but we’ll have a chance to quiz Lenovo further when we meet them later this week in less crowded condition. In the meantime, enjoy a little video of the U310 and U410

  • Mike

    Any info on the U300e?


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  • Julio

    + Mike! Any news about U300? The one that should be available from last november! :-)))

  • Dan

    Great info, pics and video Chippy!! Thanks for your work… I can only imagine how crazy it must be out there… once things settle down and the reviews are all done, you’ll have to tell us what the actual experience as a whole was like.

    My U300s is still kickin and I am loving every minute of it! It’s had low availability worldwide! Amazon US has a few of the grey core i5 models, but I’ve heard the orange is near impossible to find. I lucked out finding mine at Newegg in early December. I’ve had a feeling the U300s was a limited test run to assess customer demand and that the 2nd generation would be more widely available. Looks like you found it!

    Keep the great posts coming!!

  • John Marken

    It seems to me that the ultrabooks are going to be an accurate answer to the MacBook Air remains to be seen whether they have the style of these. One thing is for sure the price is much lower with the same capabilities. A brand that has always known class creating computers is Asus. I found the analysis to two new books in http://mixandbrowse.tk/ultrabooks-the-new-hype/ that seem to explain well with what we can hope level of equipment.

  • I just saw this ultrabook at best buys, its amazing. I am going to save for a few more weeks and get this. I love it.

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