LG XNote Z330 at CES–Video

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I finally had a chance to get a little more time with the LG Xnote Z330 this morning at Intels CES booth which, incidentally, must be 50% Ultrabook-focused. Unfortunately the LG Xnote Z330 was attached to a stand but I had a chance to look round it.

it’s a beautiful Ultrabook and follows similar lines as the Zenbook range from ASUS although the materials used aren’t as thick and all-metallic. The keyboard felt a little cheap if I’m honest and had the vertically squashed feel that the Toshiba Z830 has but there was good feedback. I wasn’t able to type anything as the device was locked down.

There’s a good set of ports although I’m no fan of micro SDHC. Is anyone?

Take a look at the video though and let me know what you think.


  • Adam

    That is one sexy, sexy ultrabook. I can definitely get into this thin bezel stuff.


  • Adam

    Curious on weight with the steel construction.


  • c_on

    What about the pricing? any word on it?

    • Chippy

      Early indications in Europe are €999 which would be $999 in the USA.

      • c_on

        if I may ask, what is the source of this data?

        BTW: to your opinion, what would you choose the LG XNote or the Dell 13 (As you have seen them both)

  • Adam

    Besides the ASUS UX31, the Dell XPS 13 looks to be it’s biggest competitor right now.

    -The XPS 13 has a beautifully thin bezel and looks dead sexy closed. (Although I swore to myself I wouldn’t buy a machine with a Dell logo on it after a terrible Dell experience circa 2002.)

    The Dell model doesn’t have an SD card slot of ANY KIND, though (What were they thinking).
    $999 is a good price for how it looks but they should’ve put an i5 in it for that price when you compare it to the price of the i3 Toshiba Z830/Z835 it’s not looking like such a value.
    (The keyboard looks pretty last-gen/ cheapish -but it is a Dell and they’re the king of making a laptop look cheap (along with the SE Asian super shiny everywhere plastic models).)

    My questions on the Dell are:
    What’s the battery life/size?
    SSD Perf?
    HDMI Ports?
    How’s the keyboard/ track pad?

    I do really, REALLY like this trend of thin bezel LCDs, though. It really does give you the feeling of premium.

    I’m fully hoping AND expecting that with the increased graphics perf from Ivy Bridge that SOME MFGRs will start providing higher resolution and higher quality displays. Ivy Bridge should be able to drive some high res (and ultra thin bezel? (please, please, please) displays EASILY. -As long as Windows 8 allows you to scale text on high resolution displays easily and effectively (as on Vista/Win7) I’m not afraid of high resolution displays on a 13″ or even 11.6″ at all…


  • TwojStary

    It’s useless because it has a mirror in a place where a matt screen should be.

  • C_on

    But what about this one, why not considering it? it looks like it has great display and low profile…

    To me the finalist are the u300s, the dell and the above.

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