Heads-Up! Samsung, Acer and More Ultrabooks Today. (CeBIT)

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I’m just about to throw the laptop into my bag and head out to Day 1 of CeBIT where I’ve got a series of Ultrabook rendezvous on the agenda.

Samsung Series 9 2012 3Acer_Aspire_S5_2

At 10am we’ll be seeing Acer in a press conference. Expect some more information about the Acer S5. As it’s likely to be an Ivy Bridge based device we’re not expecting too much detail at this stage but maybe we’ll get a chance to put the USB stick in for some testing!

Before that though I want to take a closer look at the new Samsung Series 9 which is out on the floor.I’m expecting European price and availability information this morning. We’ll also get some pics of the new colours in the Series 5 range.

Later today I’ll be at an OEM event which could be showcasing new designs. Fingers crossed for some exciting new form factors, perhaps a few more 11.6” designs and some information about 14W TDP Ivy Bridge designs. How small can they go?

Don’t forget to check out all the CebIT 2012 Ultrabook news and stay tuned on my Twitter channel for behind the scenes updates.

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  • Reirmar

    Don’t expect to many 11.6″ UB’s. Rumor is that MS/Intel want the 11.6″ & under segment reserved for x86/64 tablets that dock to keyboards (since anything larger would be too big for a tablet).

    After hearing this it finally makes since why ultraportable laptops have been almost completely abandoned for mainstream sized 13″ & up.

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