New! Fujitsu UH572 Ivy Bridge, 3G Ultrabook – Hands-On

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It’s the first time we’ve been able to get hands-on with a branded Ivy Bridge Ultrabook. This Fujitsu UH572 is running a Core i3 CPU at 1.5Ghz (to 2.0Ghz) and is showing the HD 4000 GPU in the device manager. It appears that Fujitsu is ready to go with the next-gen of Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks.




In terms of design the UH572 sits in the business class with more of a focus on ports that tapered design. Although the materials seems to be high quality there’s no real wow factor here. The UH572 here has a hybrid HDD and what could be the Core i3-3217U in 14W TDP mode.  In a very quick peek at the battery life we saw 98% and over 5hrs reported with screen and Wi-Fi on. In a demo environment it’s hard to tell if that’s good or bad. Screen resolution is 1366×768 and there’s a 3G module. We weren’t able to find out if NFC or sensors are built in.

Take a look round the UH572 in the video below.



The Verge are telling us that Fujitsu will launch this for €699 in July


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