Sony Vaio Q takes the Ultrabook to the next level

Posted on 01 April 2012 by

sony vaio specs

Update: It wasn’t too difficult to spot the 01.04 on this right? Sony seems to have done very well with the joke though which was probably set up by a PR company. Search for a Sony Ultrabook on Google now and you’re likely to see the Series Q listed.  I suspect this is just the start of a Sony Vaio Q Ultrabook campaign.

Just how do Sony manage to do this every time? They led the way with their high-powered handheld UX-series UMPCs and it looks like they’re doing it again. This time round it’s an Ultrabook.

The Sony Vaio Ultrabook looks incredible.

256GB SSD, 1080p display and discrete graphics.

You wonder just how far behind even the high-end Ultrabooks are going to look when this one launches. Video below.

Sony have a microsite up. We’ll be tracking this one and getting it in the database ASAP.

  • Kev

    LOL “next level”!! Are you serious!!!??

    I give up on Sony, they go from bad to worse.
    Nobody will buy this. It’s very portable, but how can anyone that type on that!?! This is taking “ultra” too far!

    A total joke.

  • tsog

    Reminds me of that one satirical laptop with only a single button (press 26 times for “Z”). Can’t remember where I saw it….

  • Robert

    Ok Steve LOL for a moment I got excited reading the header thinking how does he pull this news out of his hat on a sunday finally sony and it´s ultrabook lol then i got thinking APRIL FOOLS LOL but i will click on the video anyway to see hmmm lol I´m a sucker for news

  • Robert

    hahaha all right chippy haha

  • Michael

    Sony Vaio is a dead brand. Previously, the had a niche ie thin and light and Sony capitalised on that despite high prices.

    Now, nearly every notebook or ultrabook in town is thin, light and sexy.

    So how is Sony going to compete with their STILL super high prices? Nothing special about them anymore.They used to stress that they were Japan Made and sold this idea but now, nearly all their notebooks are China Made like every other ultrabook manufacturer.

    There were fools before willing to spend $5000 on thin and light. Well, nowdays, consumers are more discerning.

  • fab funny i nearly managed not to fall asleep…

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