Deal of the Day – Samsung Series 5 at $729.88 at Amazon US

Posted on 09 April 2012 by

Edit: The offer has ended. Did anyone get one at the offer price?

US readers, I just got an alert that the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook is being offered at a special price today. $729.88


I’ve reviewed the Series 5 and it’s a really solid device. In fact, I bought one for my wife (and she’s using it next to me, right now.)

Samsung Series 5 NP530U3B-A01US 13.3-Inch Ultrabook (Silver) at Amazon, US.

My full NP530  review is here and there’s a set of review links in the Samsung Series 5 product page.


  • Robert

    729 $ in the usa 790 euros in germany hmm:-)

    it´s aptil and i am waiting for the new samsung series 9 to come out in germany … chippy do you have word when in april it will be in the shelfs soon ?:)

  • I saw and tried the new samsung 9 in the microsoft shop in bellevue mall ( near seattle ) 2 weeks ago. A nice and very light machine, but I didn’t like the trackpad. Too sensitive for my taste and priced at 1400$ there and then.

  • BEN

    I just bought the Samsung after 2 weeks of web ultrabook obsession. It’s not really an ultrabook with the DVD drive, the the build quality looks fantastic. I’ll probably run Windows 8 preview on it. BBB

  • Michael

    This is an ultrabook pariah. The whole hype about ultrabooks is the weight and how thin the machine is. This machine is pretty heavy in ultrabook terms.

    Also, one of the main reasons peope buy ultrabook is the SSD. Its fast as well as it hardly can get spoilt.

    When you have a HDD or hybrid like in this one, can you really call it an ultrabook?

    • The Series 5 is relatively light compared to other laptops and the SSD+Express cache works better than other hybrid implementations. It’s well built with good wifi and fast start-up and resume times.

      • Michael

        “At 1.47KG (measured) the Samsung is a little on the heavy side compared to other 13.3” Ultrabooks,” quote Chippy.

        To be honest, The Toshiba Z830 should be the benchmark. At 1.1Kgs, that is what you call achievement. Other manufacturers should try to beat this. At nearly 1.5Kgs, the Series 5 is pretty heavy in today’s ultrabook standards.

      • Yup, it’s a little on the heavy side compared to Ultrabooks. Compared to other laptops, its light!

  • Adam

    There’s a LOT of people complaining about major heat issues on the Samsung 5 series on the Internets…. Haven’t heard anything about it here…

    • No major issues on the one we have here. My wife has been using it heavily over the last week and she hasn’t mentioned anything either.

  • Robert

    thank you Nico for your feedback, not sure what the trackpad issue is hopefully it can be sorted out by some software update? as it is i will probably not use it much as I am mostly work with an attached mouse so this would not be such a big deal for me .. 1400 dollars was that the 128 ssd i5 13 inch version ?

      • Robert

        thank you Nico a great link:) boy is that ever a good looking smart machine what :)

      • If only I had some cash. It’s the best looking laptop bar none in my opinion and has the specs and performance to match. I read something about a potentially poor keyboard but I didn’t find that myself when I had hands-on. With Ivy Bridge models round the corner though and a Z830 in front of me now, it makes no sense for me to buy it though. I’ll be looking for an update in late 2012.

  • Robert

    chippy of course you make a valid point .. but i promised myself kind of not to keep on waiting .. true i will probably be frustrated when ivy bridge comes out lol but hey it still be a good laptop
    my current laptop is a 2008/9 dual core

    • The technology is always rolling on, so if you wait for the ivy bridge, there will be something else on the horizon.

      I spend more than an hour trying out the UX31, the new samsung 900 and the HP 14 spectre. I can confirm the UX31 keyboard problems. The HP is really good. The only negative is the heavy glass top. I wished they had left that out, but I may step over that hurdle and I’m currently waiting while the price on amazon is going down

  • Michael

    Chippy :
    Yup, it’s a little on the heavy side compared to Ultrabooks. Compared to other laptops, its light!

    Of course its light compared to other notebooks but we have to compare to other ultrabooks to better the definition and specs of ultrabooks in general. The first batch of ultrabooks have been around for a year now and instead of improving in weight, battery life etc, Samsung has degressed and given us something heavier with the same battery life as any other ultrabook.

    Bear in mind, not everybody is concerned with a new processor. The whole idea of ultrabook is thin and light and consumers want to see improvement in that sector.

  • Bran

    Is it Possible to use for Heavy Graphics & Animation Program in this Ultrabook ?

  • Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to offer something again and help others such as you helped me.

  • Cortez

    Thanks for a great review!
    I got some “confusion” with mine.. the hibernation thing..

    Is the “sleep” mode actually stand by (that uses power) or hibernation (that doesn’t)?

    I always used hibernation on my laptops and I can’t find the option on this one.

    Also, I’ve turned the battery life extender on which should
    charge up to 80% and then stop.. which it does.. but after
    a reboot, the battery shows 100%.

    I have no idea what to do to make the battery last as long as
    possible. I just used to remove it when working on AC power,
    but obviously I can’t do that now.

    Is there any kind of software that would make sure the battery
    isn’t charging when I’m on AC?


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