HP Folio 13 Price Drops to $849

Posted on 17 April 2012 by

The HP Folio is more than just a sensible choice of Ultrabook. Because of the large-capacity battery it returns the highest battery-life of the category. It’s portly for an Ultrabook (at 3.3lb) but also portly in a good way because it’s got a full-size SD card slot, HDMI and Ethernet port. The HP Folio has just dropped in price in the USA and you can now buy it for $849, a $100 reduction. Remember that this HP Folio 13 is a full 128GB SSD model with Core i5 CPU so you get the full Ultrabook experience! Backlit keyboard and Intel Wireless (including Wireless Display) is also included Update: Broadcom Wifi/BT is included. Thx Marlon, HP Folio 13 owner comment below.


It’s currently the Best Selling Ultrabook at Amazon.com and you can check out some reviews of it via our HP Folio tracking page.

HP Folio 13-1020US 13.3-Inch Ultrabook (Steel Gray)(Amazon Aff.)

In Europe the price is slightly higher in the Ultrabook market but you do get Windows 7 Pro.

  • Marlon

    FYI, 1020US do not have intel widi, it comes with broadcom wifi and BT.

    I have this HP ultrabook for about 2 weeks now, its really solid, real fast, its a bit heavy, but still a lot lighter than most of the laptop on the market now.

    i used to have the toshiba Z835 but it die on me within 10 days of light use but it was extremely light, and i had bad feeling it will crack 1 day. if weight is not a big concern, then u will be very happy with this HP Folio 13. $850 for i5 CPU with SSD, u cant go wrong with it.

    • Chippy

      Thanks Marlon. Corrected.

    • Michael

      HP Folio is only a top seller in Amazon and in the US. In other parts of the world, its not that great. It looks fat and its heavy. Does not look like an ultrabook to be honest. Quite a number of ultraportable light notebooks that came out years ago look better than the HP Folio.

      In Asia, the Acer is a top seller. Amazing how a Taiwanese company can come out with something sexier than the HP

  • Heulier

    It’s funny how 3lbs is considered “heavy” for a 13″ laptop these days. I remember back in the day when 10.6″ 3lbs laptops were deemed incredible.

    I forget who it was, I believe Panasonic, about 5+yrs ago released the very 1st 3lbs 13″ laptop & the tech community was stunned since thick boxy 5lbs Dell/HP’s were the norm.

    Even Apple, with their MBP’s before the MBA’s, were always comparably heavier than their PC counterparts. I remember when their 12″ weighed around 5lbs.

    • Marlon

      dude, 3.3lbs for a 13″ ultrabook is heavy, we are not comparing ultrabook to laptop here, what is with u? almost every 13″ ultrabook are below 3lbs.

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