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Posted on 30 April 2012 by

The Toshiba Z830 and Z835 is the Ultrabook of Ultrabooks. Fantastically light, quick to start and with its SSD-only storage, fast to use. It’s got the keyboard backlight and a full set of ports, quality Wi-Fi (and Wi-Di) and a good keyboard and mouse pad. At $699, in the US today, it’s down at a very good price.

It’s the 1.4Ghz Core i3 version on offer here so it’s hasn’t got the full power of the 1.6Ghz version with Turbo but it’s still a great performer. A full-size SDXC cardslot and USB 3.0 are included.

I’ve been using the Z830 for 8 weeks now and  have no regrets about choosing it (*1) so I feel confident about recommending it here. Click through to the offer on the right or do some research, read our review and see more pics in the Toshiba Z830 Ultrabook information page.

(*1) – I have a long-term loan Ultrabook from Intel that was selected from a choice of three different models.

  • Dan

    Here’s the direct link for those interested:

    Great catch Chippy!! I’m running down the list in my head of who (family, friends, coworkers) I’m going to try and convince buy this!

    • Dan

      I didn’t mean to take away from your link!! …was just trying to help.

  • I am so glad to see that finally there really is an answer for consumers on a budget whom still want performance! I get asked alot about which is the cheapest Ultrabook for sale – well now i have got a simple answer! The Toshiba Portege Z835…..

  • Chippy

    Don’t forget to buy through our link folks! (I get a kickback from sales through our link which helps keep things going here.)

  • Michael

    Which one is your link Chippy?

    Anyway, good to see very high end ultrabooks going for $799 (i5 version of the Portege).

    So, goodbye to stupid companies who are going to price their Ivy Bridge at above $1000.

    Lets face it, the masses, which make volume sales, want things below $700.

    • Ahan

      2nd Paragraph, on the right side, you see the link in a rectangular box.
      Anyway Chippy for me also it was not “attention grabbing”, it did not catch my eye until i saw your comment and i looked for the link that you were talking about. You should either put it below the text or make that link more attractive maybe by a colorful banner.

      • Michael

        i see it Ahan, thanks! But its 799 now!

    • Chippy

      Perhaps you have an ad blocker. There’s a big Amazon link floating on the right!

      • Ahan

        For me i do not have an ad blocker but what happened was the “box” was mixed up with the “Latest Ultrabooks” list and the big ad box to the the right (normally in contains ads of altrabooks). So the location was not “eye catching”.

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