Save 2¢ or $300 on Sony VAIO Z Series, Your Choice!

Posted on 07 May 2012 by

I was just rummaging through Sony’s VAIO Z series of thin and light laptops and stumbled across quite the deal. Step inside for surprising savings!

As mentioned, Sony has a ‘sale’ going on with the VAIO Z. In fact, their top-end configuration, which usually retails for $4499.99 can be purchased now for a whopping 2¢ less than the usual price. That’s a 0.0000044445% discount! See for yourself:

What a steal! No joke, this is straight from their website.

And now to an actual deal — Sony is offering $300 off of the VAIO Z ‘while supplies last’ as long as you don’t buy the ridiculous package listed above. This is a decent savings of 15% from the base model. You can also save $300 on a customized version of the VAIO Z which can be equipped with some pretty serious horsepower: up to a Sandy Bridge 2.8GHz Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, 512GB of speedy SSD storage (in a high performance RAID 0 configuration), and even an external GPU/BD player.

To get your hands on this deal, head over to the VAIO Z product page right here (make sure that the usual $1999 is crossed out in favor of the $1699 price). If you want to save on the customized VAIO Z, you can find the customization page right here (again make sure that you see a starting price of $1749, instead of the usual $2049 for custom models).

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