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ASUS UX21 is First Ever Ultrabook’ was the title of the first post ever on Ultrabooknews and there’s an interesting story behind it. I was watching the keynote from the office (at some crazy morning hour) and as soon as Intel mentioned Ultrabooks, I registered Ultrabooknews.com. Within an hour I had a site up with the first post. Just hours later, the database was active. It’s hard to believe that it was 1 year ago. In 6 years of creating and running over 10 different blogs, Ultrabooknews.com is the fastest growing web site I’ve ever managed.


In the last month we’ve seen huge traction in the Ultrabook and our traffic has doubled. Yesterday was our biggest day ever and we’re expecting even more traffic today. What a great birthday present.

In the last year the Ultrabook database has grown from the first Ultrabook to 40 official Ultrabook models. We even have two more to add into the database today and are expecting more next week. Over 20% of our traffic is now within the database!

We’ve built an intelligent Ultrabook and ultrathin buying advisor, a great set of reference articles, the best Ultrabook information database on the planet and have attracted the attention of a number of manufacturers.

The Second Generation starts NOW

On Saturday we’ll be switching into the Tapei timezone to cover all the Ultrabook news from Computex and on June 15th we’ll have our first Ivy Bridge-based device to test. As news and reviews come in from various sources we’ll add the information to the database. (Track all that news very easily here.)

Sneek peek at the 2nd-Generation Ultrabooks, take a look at this list. We already have 12 in the list.

We’re also planning some neat enhancements to the database too so stay tuned and tell all your friends. You can ‘connect’ with us here.  Sign-up for the daily email and join us on Facebook.

This time next year we should be talking about Haswell and the 3rd-Generation of Ultrabooks. Windows 8 will be well established and there will be touch and sensor-enabled models around. What are you hoping for in the next year?

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  • berry_

    Congratulations!! Great site, hope it will grow even quicker than the past year! Look forward to the live reviews of the second generation!

    • Chippy

      Keep the 14th of June in your diary. I’ve pencilled it in. 2100 CEST (Berlin) start.

      • berry_

        Nice, I keep it free

  • Clio

    From UMPC Portal to here, I had found the blog posts insightful and good food for thought. There’s thinking, a lot of it, behind most of the posts. And they are absolutely crucial in shaping my own perspective & values of how mobile computing should be.

    Good job. Chippy & Ben. & Happy Birthday to Ultrabook news.

  • Simon H.

    Congrats. And keep up the great work you do with Ultrabooknews!

  • DavidC1

    Congratulations Chippy! I always loved the “unique” devices you like to cover. ;)

  • Djones

    Great blog.

  • Hinkriue

    Let’s just hope Ultrabook’s have more life in them than netbooks & UMPC’s. I believe they do as they are clearly the future of computing.

    MS & Intel went decades without any real competition but the Apple/Google/ARM invasion has forced them to finally create new compelling products. This is the most excited I have been in a long time.

    You really offer a unique service Chippy. To bad Sascha went soft (Android) & JKK has completely given up.

  • Chippy

    Thank you all for your encouraging comments!

  • Robert

    Thanks alot for all you´ve done and keeping thoughts, information and analytic thought all around the ultrabook flowing, with the second generation the ultrabook is entering into an exciting phase, deciding which ultrabrook to get is getting pretty complex, i would not know left from right if ultrabooknews would not keep me updated, again danke sehr, Steve! Keep up the great work.

  • Maciej

    Congratulations, keep the good work up. This website is great source of information about the, in my opinion, exciting time we’re currently having in the pc industry. The recent developments (both at hardware – ultrabooks, attempts to connect tablet + notebook with all these great previews, and software – win8) are amazing, and I think there is still so much to come in the following months. Hey, there is no win8 yet! The category is very competitive, so it’s a great place to follow the recent developments. Many thanks for the good work!

  • Ben Lang

    Thanks for the comments folks, there’s nothing more gratifying about writing when you know it’s useful to readers. Thanks for all of your participation in the comments too — it keeps us on our toes!

  • Dan

    Congrats Chippy!! Keep up the great work, and keep the awesome flow of information coming!

  • MP

    Congratulations! Thanks for the blog/site!

    I came here after seeing a recommendation for the site in the comments section at another tech blog. Now I come here at least as often as to the big blogs. I really like the articles here.

    I wouldn’t have found this place if it wasn’t for people spreading the word, so let’s help and tell people about it. :)

  • flakefrost

    They’re still worth a lot too, even the older models!

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