Acer S5 Retail Unboxing by Ritchie’s Room

Posted on 03 June 2012 by

Ritchie’s got the Acer S5, the ‘thinnest’ Ultrabook in the world.

Acer S5

It’s a full retail version and although this video doesn’t go into detail, you get a good, quick summary of the features. In the second video you’ll see what’s included in the Acer S5 box.

Thunderbolt, the ‘Magic Flip’ port, Ivy Bridge (this is a 2nd-generation Ultrabook) and a slim design are the things to look out for on the Acer S5. We don’t have full, official details yet but are expecting that within the next 24hrs as Computex gets under way. When we get full details, the Acer S5 information page will be updated.

Thanks for the heads-up Ritchie, of Ritchie’s Room


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