Dospara Prime Note Altair Ultrabook launched with Ivy Bridge

Posted on 03 June 2012 by

Available to order today is a new 2nd-Generation Ultrabook from Dospara. Targeted directly at the Japanese market it’s the 14″ Dospara Prime Note Altair with DVD drive, Ivy Bridge and 0.5TB hybrid drive. This one looks as good on paper as it does in the flesh but it’s not exactly a featherweight.


It might remind you of the 1KG Gigabyte X11 but this is a different beast altogether. 1.7KG put’s it in a different league although the price, at a local price of approx. $1000 is cheaper, at least for the Core i5 version. 8GB RAM comes as standard and you’ve got a good port set. The only thing you won’t like to hear is that it’s got a 1366×768 screen – a specification that sounds cheaper every time we write it.

Full specs in our information page.



We’d like to know what this little image means though. Anyone? Windows8 Pro?1200??????!

It appears on the sales page for the Dospara Ultrabook here where the delivery lead time is stated as 14 days.

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  • JPL

    If i am not completely wrong it says that you can upgrade to windows 8 for 1200 yen.
    (I am a bit rusty on the Japanese, but i should be right)

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