NEO Edge Ultrabook launches for Philippines

Posted on 08 June 2012 by

The NEO Edge Ultrabook is launching in the Philippines as the one of the lowest cost Ultrabooks with a DVD Drive, apparently


At PHP33,999 it translates to around $925. We’re not sure if that price includes a local sales tax but we think the Acer Aspire TimelineU M3 might come in a little cheaper. Still, at 1.8KG, it’s definitely lighter than the TimelineU M3.

The main story here is that we’re seeing 2nd-tier brands with Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks now. We have about 10 different local brands in the database already and we suspect it will be almost impossible to find out about all of them. [Please, if you see something in your own country, and I know that people from 130 countries visited us yesterday, let us know.] but we’ll try our best.

Intel say that there will be 110 Ultrabooks with Ivy Bridge. We’re looking forward to getting them in the database!

For more information on the NEO Edge, check out Electronic Pulp and Neo

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  • Eya

    Hi! I think the price is incorrect. I am from the Philippines and Php33,999 only translates to around $730. Can you review this please? Do you think the built in DVD drive is an advantage? I am currently searching for an ultrabookand I’m having second thoughts. I am considering buying either samsung series 5 or this NEO. thank you so much!

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