Microsoft Surface will Arrive 26th October, but only on ARM

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The Windows RT version of the Microsoft Surface tablet / convertible is coming on 26th October, along with Windows 8.

MS surface

Unfortunately the new information doesn’t include anything new about what could be more interesting to readers of Ultrabooknews – the Intel based version of Microsoft Surface.

I wrote some thoughts about Microsoft Surface on UMPCPortal last month and I believe it’s going to be an interesting ultra-mobile, high-dynamic-range PC but for those interested in the full capabilities of the Intel platform, you’ll have to wait until Q1 2013 for what we believe is a Core i5 version of the device – in the style of an Ultraslate!

You’ll have to wait until Intel Haswell versions of the version to appear to get any always-on action though. Unless Haswell is being accelerated for Microsoft Surface in Q1/Q2 2012, we think it’s going to be Q3 until you see the possibility of an Intel platform supporting AOAC – Always On Always Connected – which will bring huge idle battery life to the point, we expect, of many days of active standby. At that point, ARM-based devices could lose much of their advantage.

Prices are still not announced and final specs are unknown.

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  • beefalo

    “you’ll have to wait until Q1 2012 for what we believe is a Core i5 version of the device”

    I guess you meant Q1 2013??? I can’t wait that long!!!!!!

  • JohnCz

    I’m definitely getting Surface (ARM based) for my mom&dad to facilitate Skyping. But for myself, I need a new computer much current laptop is on its last legs (dropped once to many). So, I’m going to be on the lookout for an Intel based Windows 8 convertible this fall.

  • Adam

    Agreed about battery life potential in Haswell and the ability for the platform to erode the ARM devices’ advantages. But I don’t think there’s any chance we’ll see ULV Haswell chips for sale until Summer 2013.

    For Haswell to slow ARM’s marketshare march they’ll have to drop that 60% Intel markup too. The price will have to get closer to ARM now that we live in a “fast enough” app-centric world.


    • James

      Competing with ARM is why Intel is still heavily invested with the ATOM series.

      So Intel isn’t counting on Haswell alone keeping ARM marketshare at bay.

      Besides, they’re more likely to just make lower end versions of Haswell rather than lower the pricing on their higher end offerings.

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