UX32A Coming to Brits in August. They Won’t get VD

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How could I resist that title? A bit of laughter is in the air as I hear the official news that the ASUS UX32VD is not coming to the UK. Is it a model naming issue or perhaps just a big mistake?


The ASUS UX32VD is #2 device on the site here, a device that is getting a huge amount of coverage and already building a big community, often a huge advantage for a buyer. The UX32VD combines a lower-cost Ultrabook chassis and hard drive with a full HD screen and a discreet graphics card for an interesting price. It’s a relatively unique device amongst Ultrabooks and yet ASUS UK tell us they have decided to put it on the back burner for this quarter. Feel free to drop your UK thoughts below – we’ll highlight it to ASUS as a quasi-petition.

Where to buy the UX32VD outside the UK

Keep an eye on Skinflint who do a good job of tracking European availability and pricing. This link will take you to current UK suppliers. There are two today and neither have it in stock. We’ve checked up on the given EAN  codes and it looks like they’re listing German models here so please be careful.

So what can UK Ultrabook fans do if they want a QWERTY/English UX32VD? Importing from  the USA is probably going to be the easiest and we’ve reached out to Dynamism to see if they can help out. We’ll update when we hear back from them. Obviously Amazon.com won’t ship to the UK but there are a few other options in the USA. We’re not huge fans of importing from the USA into Europe without a solid middle-man thought due to the work and cost involved in returning any electrical equipment to the USA and please be aware that UK buyers will be liable for local VAT payments on the import.

The other option is to keep an eye on QWERTY ASUS UX32VD availability in Holland. We’ve tried to contact one online retailer offering the UX32VD but their sales email address bounced so we didn’t persue that any further. A Google search “UX32VD site:nl” will bring you up a good set of results to check through.

Also, keep an eye on our database and forums. Summary info below. If you do manage to find one, please let us know!

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  • MP

    You are so right about the advantage of having a large community. My current ASUS also has/had it and there were tons of help to get on forums and people making their own drivers for the graphics etc. It truly made a huge difference.

    I expect the UX31A to be just as successful and have a large community, but the light bleed problem with their screens finally tilted me towards a 13.3 Series 9. It’s in the mail right now, and I expect to get and install a new 256GB SSD onto it within a few weeks as well.

    • Chippy

      Nice! Let us know how you get on. Would love to relay your thoughts on the site here.

      • MP

        Sure thing!

  • Duff

    Thanks for the headsup. That’s really poor from Asus, I’d expect their range-topping ultrabooks to be made available in as many markets as possible. Oh well, might have to give the samsung series 9 a look as the poster above me has evidently done.

  • Chippy

    I guess it’s worth Ultrabooknews going through the alternatives to the UX32VD then?

    • Andres

      Yes please, in my case I went for the VAIO S13A Ivy bridge. I know is not an ultrabook, but is a really good alternative.

  • Evan

    Give B & H Photo Video a try:
    I am from the UK but live in Australia and have used them several times – Cheaper than buying in Auz. I sourced my girlfriends Toshiba z835 from them and it couldn’t have been easer. If in Auz and order is below $1000 then you don’t have to pay GST on arrival. There should be no trouble getting them to post to UK and all orders arrive by UPS – No middleman to worry about! Just wish Amazon and Newegg would post international on all products as well!

    • Chippy

      Thanks Evan

    • Roberts

      Just beware of the custom charges once it gets into UK though. Good option despite that.

  • Adam

    I didn’t know a laptop could give you VD. Good to know… Unfortunate article title…

  • Roberts

    It’s available in Italy and they use Qwerty.
    By the way, if was to buy from US, would it be covered under a global warranty?
    Does anyone know?

  • Andres

    I was waiting for 2 months for this laptop, and I actually really needed it to replace my overheating toshiba. Some days ago I was reading an owners’ forum and someone mentioned that Asus had said that it wouldn’t bring it to the UK. I decided to check something similar, and went for the Vaio S13A. Is not only available, you can actually go to any Sony store in London and check it out, compare it, and see how good the built quality is. I know is not an ultrabook as the UX32vd, but is quite close in size and it has a way better processor and video card. The price is quite similar for the premium version, and although it doesn’t have an IPS screen, is still pretty good with a 1600×900 resolution. I already order it, and hopefully I’ll get my customized version in two weeks. ASUS please take note: Sony launched the S13A ivy bridge almost at the same time, but this one has been already available in the UK for a while, it has better deals, and they have an education discount!!! you’re loosing a big market here…

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  • Andy666

    Just wanted to thank you for the Skinflint link and especially the excellent suggestion of buying from the Netherlands. I have received my UX32VD-3003V Asus Zenbook Prime from 4launch.nl. Their Sales people are very responsive and the delivery was within 3 working days despite the stock availability indicator being 1-5 days from supplier! yes that quick. It has a QWERTY keyboard and all manuals are in English. The price was also very good after conversion from Euro, £786. I am not sure if I will be charged Customs duty, but looking at HMRC website it seems that there is no Customs duty or other charges on good purchased from EU countries.

    • Chippy

      This is great news for others hoping to get the ASUS UX32VD. There is no import duty to pay as local sales tax will already have been added.

      I’m going to contact 4launch.nl to see if they can give us a confirmation that everything is OK including Warranty.

      Again, thanks for the feedback.


      • Andy666

        When I looked at Asus website I understood it to be International warranty. Also when I registered, I chose the UK from a list of many countries.

    • Craig

      Is there any difference with the nl model? Obviously no pound symbol and no UK plug adapter but apart from that?

      • NullAndVoid

        Pretty much yes and you get English instructions etc, don’t think I’ll miss a pound sign.

        Just got delivered to the UK by 4launch.nl, upgraded to 10gb ram and Sammy 256gb SSD and it’s flying, highly recommended doing the upgrade.

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  • Rob
  • TylerD

    Unfortunately, not available anymore in pcworldbusiness… does anybody know where else it can be found ? it seems that nl sellers are out of stock too

  • Rich

    Any news on this one guys? Has the market moved on and there’s now a viable alternative out or are we stuffed? Particularly the selling point for me on this was easy access to all components & the HD screen.

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