You Can Touch This – An Ultrabook Promo Video

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To be honest, we have no idea where this Ultrabook promo video has come from. It looks like it might be part of an Intel Finance Ultrabook competition. Brett Cardoza, the name of the YouTube channel it appears under, seems to be an Intel employee. That would explain the ‘knowledge’ in the video.

We haven’t stopped laughing yet. This is so crass, it just might be good enough to go viral. Check it out below and, thanks Brett. If you read this, please let us know the background in the comments below.

you can touch this


Thank Intel, for blessing me with a sick touchscreen and a cool i3

It feels good, with Intel Insider download boosting my media faster

And it’s known, as such, this is the screen, ah, you can touch.


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  • Fahad

    Hi all – thanks for sharing. I’m the other dancer/song writer in the video. Some background: this video was produced internally to Intel for a finance video competition this year – not really meant to go public. But we’re excited about our products and thought we’d take a step in explaining how cool they are. Glad you enjoyed it!

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