Sony Vaio Duo 11 gets hands-on at IFA

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Revealing the optical track pointer and a design that’s slimmer than I expected, the port locations, backlight on the keyboard and lots more. As a tablet it’s ‘pretty thin and light’ says Johannes. It still weighs 1.2KG though so as a pure tablet, it’s a complete bloater!

Vaio Duo screengrab

Full specs, price and other info available here.

My thoughts – Why aren’t we seeing news about HSDPA/4G for the Vaio DUO? This is clearly an ultra mobile PC but without 3G, it’s missing something in my opinion. Still, enough people have Android phones that can help out with a little hotspot love. I love the look of that track pointer! Personally, I’m more of a fan of detachable screens which is why I’ve got my eye on the ASUS Transformer Book. I’ll bet it’s going to be cheaper than 1200 Euros for a Core i3 too!

Video below…

  • Jeff

    Too bad it has a pretty large footprint for an 11.6 incher. I’d sacrifice thinness for a smaller footprint. It limits mobility for some people looking for ultraportables.

    I’m glad Sony didn’t go with just adding a touch screen to an ultrabook since that wouldn’t make touch control very useful. If I get a Windows 8 device with touch, I’d definitely would go for a slider or twisting screen. A dockable tablet is nice but I’d rather have an always connected keyboard.

    • Jeff

      Just watched the video. Sony used an optical track pad. I’ve used them on UMPCs and they’re definitely worse than a regular trackpoint or touch pad.

      Hopefully, other companies come out with 11.6″ slider designs with a trackpoint. Also, the screen mechanimsm should have a good range of angles.

  • Lucien

    Design looks interesting at first glance but it seems the keyboard angle is fixed which is big downside I think. I also would prefer rather detachable keyboard or fold back keyboard.

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