Cyberlink Launches PowerDirector 11 Series. Win 8 Mobile Apps to Follow

Posted on 19 September 2012 by

I had hands-on (and I’m now testing a beta of)  PowerDirector Mobile at IDF 2012 last week. I’m interested in how this could contribute to fast, mobile video production with an Ultrabook/slate but I’m also still going to be using PowerDirector on the desktop, a video editing package that really fits well with the Ultrabook. I’ve been using it for a year now for all my YouTube content because it’s been stable and very, very fast. I sound like an ad, but I promise you, I’m a fan purely through use of the program. I’m excited to see that Cyberlink have launched PowerDirector 11 today.

pd11 image

…”extends into the professional market with versions offering a complete post-production solution, while retaining versions targeted squarely at its consumer base. Each addresses a major global trend: the ability for users of all skillsets to create high-quality video content, regardless of skill or experience.”

PD11 speedVersions range from $70 to $250 based on included features but personally, I’m more interested in basic editing speed and rendering features, quality and speed and that’s what I’ll be looking for when I test it over the next weeks.

Features that could be intresting are OPenCL support, GPGPU support, 4K support, a new version of TrueVelocity that should combine more hardware acceleration, MKV support, updated SVRT support for analyzing the best output format. I’m also hoping for updated Intel Media SDK support for faster use of Quick Sync.

Cyberlink have also decided to bundle the ‘Mobile’ version of the program (that’s the Win 8 Metro version I wrote about yesterday) for free on the $99 version and above. There are two other new packages available – Color Director and Audio Director – that are included in the high-end version.


I know some of you have reservations about these ‘low-end’ video packages but from what I saw in the Press Room at IDF2012 last week, there’s a number of people out there that could save huge amounts of time by switching from that MacBook to an Ultrabook. It’s fast!

  • RakSiam

    Wow. That does look pretty awesome. Might be overkill for me though. Worth keeping in mind. I’ve just been using Microsoft’s free video creator program for the little things I have been doing.

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