Dell XPS 12 Convertible 12 Hands-On

Posted on 13 September 2012 by

Dell XPS Duo 12

Update: Product specifications and tracking page is now live.

The Dell XPS 12 Convertible  Duo is an impressive looking Ultrabook. People here at IDF are flocking to it to check out the unique flip screen. The design works well but like all convertible  designs that retain the keyboard, can’t give you a lightweight tablet. A 1.4KG tablet isn’t very mobile but it does offer something for those that primarily want a touchscreen Ultrabook with occasional tablet-style capabilities. This could be a good one as an ice-breaker for business meetings though!


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  • Bibelo

    Of course if you keep tilting the screen like that, you can’t expect it to “last too long”. I hope to be gentle with my future XPS Duo as I am right now with my Portégé M750 with rotative screen.

    Appart from that, good video.

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