Outgoing Ultrabook Offers Make Way for Windows 8

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As we reported a few weeks ago, the Toshiba U845 is leaving the market after just a few months of availability. The Toshiba Satellite U945 is taking its place. While it’s still available though you can pick up the U845 for $549, and get a free $100 Amazon gift card too! The Satellite U845 isn’t the only discounted Ultrabook at Amazon US right now either.

The U845 offer is only the Sandy Bridge 1.5Ghz version. You’ll get the SSD-accelerated 500GB drive. We’d recommend a little bit of caution because there aren’t great reviews out there but at a net price of $449, it’s worth thinking about. Windows 8 upgrade is included remember.

Stock shifting is also happening with the Acer S3 despite the new model being the same as the old one! $739 will buy you a 240GB SSD, Core i5 (Sandy Bridge) model.

The Acer S5 got a 30% discount to $986 – 256GB SSD and Core i7 version so if you’re looking for a thunderbolt-enabled Ultrabook, it’s a great choice at that price.

There are a few AMD sleekbook offers around at Amazon US. The HP Envy 6 with AMD A6-4455M is $532, the Samsung Series 5 NP535 with the same CPU is $599

Finally, our old friend the Vizio CT14 with the 1600×900 screen, Ivy Bridge and 128GB SSD is at $599 again. Watch out for the keyboard and trackpad quality though.

We’ll keep an eye on offers for our UK, US and Germany readers (sorry we can’t track everything – please feel free to comment if you find offers on your country.)

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  • DavidC1

    Chippy, I think you should do more coverage on the Dell XPS 12 as well. Perhaps its not done because its not on Amazon?

    But pre-orders have started a week ago, and definitely an option for probably many of us.

    You may not agree with the weight, but most of the new devices are Laptop first, Tablet second. Regarding weight, not even the 1.1kg devices are particularly light for a Tablet only mode. For Tablet even the LaVie Z is borderline.

    • Chippy

      Hi David
      I’ve had a draft article knocking around for a week now but didn’t post it because the only news is that it’s avail for pre-order and that’s all I seem to be posting about recently!

      Did you check.out my hands-on.from IDF?

      Ill take another look and.see if I can get some thoughts together today.

      • DavidC1

        Yes, I have seen your hands-on video. That’s why I mentioned the weight aspect.

        I understand what you are saying. But I was rather surprised that it was a recent addition in your device list considering it wasn’t a newly announced device from a not so small manufacturer.

        • Chippy

          Yes. It took a while before that one went into the db. I’ve got another 5 devices at least to go in over the next few days. I’m sure there will be more too!

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