The Ultrabook Database – Improved!

Posted on 12 October 2012 by

I’m sure many of you have been in and looked around the product database. We’ve kept it up to date with every Ultrabook and it’s been extremely popular. 20% of our site traffic is now going to the database.

Over the last year we’ve built tools around the database to try and make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for but today I updated the interactive list with a couple of new features that will help you navigate through the next wave of Ultrabooks that will be offering more features in new form factors.



The Ultrabook database is here.

There are 106 Ultrabooks and ultrathins in our database now, 69 of which are true Ultrabooks. Along with the specifications of each device we include links to videos, news and reviews along with images, a related products list, comments, some notes and a short overview. Where prices are available we list the RRP and for those of you in the USA, UK or Germany, you’ll see the latest price at Amazon too. [Buying through those links is your way to help keep Ultrabooknews growing and developing!] I’ve also enabled a trend graph which (it needs a week to stabilise after our test data was fed in) gives you an idea of the popularity and growth in terms of reader interest.

It’s the most comprehensive Ultrabook database on the planet!

Your starting point for Ultrabook research is here and today I’ve added some new selectors that will help as the new range of touch options and form factors start to feed in. Wait for the list to load and type ‘acer’ to see all the acer devices. Click on the weight column to sort by weight, or the CPU Operating System column to sort that. Pull down the Form Factor chooser to select Sliders or Convertibles and even choose your Touchscreen type. It’s all instant!

We’ll add more selectors as we go forward.

Inside tip: We’ve got a very rough but complete selector page here where you can drill down into a number of different specifications. Want a Core i7, 13.3” with DisplayPort? You’ll find it here. Note, this is an Alpha page that needs a lot of tidying up. It’s working though so there’s no reason to keep it hidden from you.

What other features or selectors would you like to see on the database?

Note: We know that the compare function isn’t working at the moment. It’s on our list! Update: Compare function is now working.

Don’t forget the Ultrabook Advisor too. Just a few minutes answering questions will bring you to a shortlist of Ultrabooks that match your specifications.

  • Austin

    Is the database missing the Asus U500?

    • Chippy

      I’ve just added it to the list here.

  • lonechicken

    Any info on presence of accelerometers, vibration, gps, etc. for the ultrabooks that have capacitive touch?

  • gus

    Sorting by physical dimension could be improved. You have dimensions listed as 8.9″ x 0.8″ x 13″ and another as 10.9″ x 7.9″ x 1″.

    In addition to the selectors it’d be nice to be able to set limits. For example, I want 11.6″ – 12.5″ screens with dimensions smaller than 12″ x 1.25″ x 8″ and a minimum battery capacity of 65 Wh.

    It would be nice if the database can say what’s upgradeable/replaceable other than just the battery.

    • Chippy

      Thanks Gus.
      Dimensions need to be standardised on a few items, yes.
      One trick on the database list is that you can sort by two fields. E.g. click on top of the column ‘weight’ to sort by weight and then ‘screen size’ and you can see rising weights within screen sizes. It’s not what you want, but will help you find what you’re looking for.
      Select your screen sizes, search, ‘compare these devices interactively’ and sort by weight. It’s better than the above, gets you what you need but is a little more involved.

      On upgradeable battery – we’ve got a placeholder for ‘removable battery’ but again, info is hard to get until we see final devices. You can select removeable battery on the selector here.

      P.S> Selector is poor quality in terms of features and style. We’re looking for time/money/skill to get it upgraded.


      • me

        How about other upgradeable/removable components like RAM and hard drive?

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  • Deamon0

    Great! It is really easy to view and compare all ultrabooks in one page. However it would be nice if you could squeeze in another column listing the starting price of the laptop. Apart from that I guess it’s pretty much perfect!

    Thank you very much.

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