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From day one, we at Ultrabook News have been dedicated to pairing readers with their ideal Ultrabook. Intel announced the Ultrabook category back in May of 2011, and since then we’ve developed a number of useful resources for those interested in purchasing one. As Black Friday approaches, many will be looking for Ultrabook deals. Here we’re compiling our most useful resources to help users research their ideal Ultrabook in the hopes that they can pick it up on the cheap come Black Friday.

What is an Ultrabook?

Ultrabooks are a subcateory of laptop, much like ‘sedan’ is a subcategory of ‘car’. Intel created the term ‘Ultrabook’ and only allows hardware partners (like HP, Dell, Sony, etc.) to call their laptop an Ultrabook if it meets certain criteria for performance, weight, thickness, and battery life.

Learn more here:

What’s the Difference Between an Ultrabook and a Laptop?

Because not just any laptop can be called an Ultrabook — they must meet some requirements first — you can be confident that in most cases an Ultrabook will be faster, lighter, thinner, come with better security features, and have better battery life than a standard laptop.

Ultrabook Convertibles

Ultrabook convertibles are touchscreen Ultrabooks which can transform from a standard laptop to a tablet. Some do this with a swiveling screen, others do it with a sliding screen, and some even allow you to detach the screen completely! At the end of last month, a number of Ultrabook convertibles were launched by Intel’s hardware partners. If you are also interested in a tablet, an Ultrabook convertible will let you kill two birds with one stone. There are also a number of standard non-convertible touchscreen Ultrabooks available if you are feeling less adventurous!

Which Ultrabook is Right for Me?

We follow the Ultrabook market very closely and have extensive experience with matching users to their ideal Ultrabook. We’ve created tools and resources to aid in the research necessary to make a proper purchase decision.

Ultrabook Advisor – Our interactive tool asks you a series of simple questions and then recommends the best Ultrabook based on your needs.

Ultrabook Database – Our extensive searchable list of Ultrabook specs, reviews, and more. The database also includes some ‘ultrathins’ which are not officially Ultrabooks but are thin and light laptops which might fit your needs at a better price.

Tip: at the top of our Ultrabook database you can filter by form factor and touchscreen:

Ultrabook Buying Tips – A detailed list of considerations you should make before an Ultrabook purchase.

Still Confused? Ask Us Here!

We hope the above resources are helpful in your Black Friday Ultrabook quest. If you’ve still got linger questions, drop a comment here and we’ll see if we can point you in the right direction.

Stay tuned for Ultrabook deals as we approach Black Friday next week!

  • Buckeye

    I see the Asus Zenbook Touch (13.3 in) UX31A is on the Best Buy website, but it is “not available” for shipping. Any idea when this thing is going to be available? And if so, where?

  • Ben Lang

    Hey Buckeye, sounds like Best Buy may have run out of stock (they may have sold out their Windows 7 stock and are waiting for models with Windows 8 installed to arrive) — no word on whether or not they’ll have it back in stock before Black Friday).

    However, the UX31A is available on Amazon starting at $1,092. Here’s out database page for the UX31A, you’ll find a link there for the unit on Amazon:

  • Arjun

    Is the touch version available?

    • Ben Lang

      The touch version of the UX31A? We haven’t seen it on store shelves yet. The Vaio T13 touch is available however, as well as several Ultrabook convertibles (Vaio Duo 11, ThinkPad Yoga, Lenovo Twist, etc.).

  • Mickey-G.

    After reading the review at LEGITREVIEWS.COM Oct 16th, on the “new” Asus Zenbook Prime, and believing it was at last the “magic machine” that could set the standards inside the ultrabook category, and…. toping the cake with the TOUCH capability, as informed at the end of the review: “ASUS is also allowing pre-orders of the Zenbook Prime UX31A-BHI5T11, which features a 13.3″ high-definition touch-screen display for easy navigation in Windows 8 and is available in radiant black. The pre-order price for this model is $1099.99, so for an extra $50 over the model we reviewed today you get a touch screen and what looks to be all the same features”, I found out today calling directly to ASUS USA that the product does not exist !!!
    There is no Zenbook with touch screen at all they said !!!
    Does anyone have a different information???

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