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Posted on 22 November 2012 by

black friday deals

[US-Focused Post]

We’re keeping a close eye on deals passing through right now because (for those of you not in the USA) it’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. My bet is that we’ll see the first ever $499 Ultrabook deal but it hasn’t quite happened, yet. For the time being I’ve pulled out a few offers for you to consider. Dell, Samsung, Lenovo and Toshiba are in the list. Enjoy Thanksgiving and if you spot any great deals, be sure to let us know in the comments.

First up there’s two offers on the Dell Inspiron 14z that everyone moaned about when it launched with DVD drive and a weight that wasn’t quite in keeping with the Ultrabook class. As a mainstream laptop though it’s turned out OK and with the price currently at $599 [Aff. link] for a Core i5 (latest) with 500GB hybrid drive and 6GB of RAM…go for it! You’ll get Windows 7…and your upgrade entitlement. There’s a post-purchase rebate of $15 on this too. Videos, specs and review links in our database.  There’s a Core i3 Sandy Bridge version for $549

There’s a Toshiba U840 showing for $549 but… it’s a Sandy Bridge (2011) Core i3. I think there are better deals out there. Maybe this will be the one that goes to $499 for Cyber Monday!

If you want a Windows 8 Ultrabook, take a look at the Lenovo U410 at $629. This is another Core i5 Ivy Bridge based unit with 6GB and a huge 750GB storage. Oh, there’s an Nvidia 610M discreet graphics unit and a good 59Wh battery inside! Previous price was $810. More information in our database. Amazon link here. (Note: We’ve read about some wireless issues with this. Apparently (unconfirmed) Lenovo have made mods for the latest models.

Finally for this US-focused post (we’re also checking for UK and Germany deals for you!) here’s something for those of you looking for a full SSD Ultrabook. The Samsung Series 5 is one that even my wife can recommend because she’s been using it for most of this year. The newer Ivy Bridge Core i5 model with 128GB SSD is currently $799 with Windows 7. That’s my pick for this post!

Remember, if you buy a Windows 7 PC now, you can get Windows 8 Pro for $14.99.

If you have any questions, please comment below and I’ll try and answer ASAP.

Deal Updates…

That interesting Toshiba U845W with the wide-screen that could be a real productivity-booster is now available with the Core i5 (latest) and 500/32GB hybrid hard drive, 6GB of RAM for $649, down from $999. It’s not for everyone, but when I tested it earlier this year I really took a liking to it. More info here. Direct Amazon link here.

Touchscreen: The Touchscreen, Windows 8 ASUS X202 is available for $499

Convertible: The Lenovo Twist is shipping for $849 now.  Update: Lenovo have a Core i3 version for $746.  Update: Now $699!!! We’re working on getting that one in for review as a priority.

SSD + 1600×900: Ben has just pointed out an offer on the HP Envy 14 Spectre. 128GB SSD, Core i5 (Sandy Bridge) and that nice 1600×900 screen and big battery. $500 off at $899

Dell XPS 14 with 1600×900 screen and good battery life, 500/32GB storage. Down to $874.83 with rebates (RRP $1199)

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