The $499 Ultrabook is Available Today at Walmart

Posted on 23 November 2012 by

Acer S3

[US-focused post]

Yesterday I predicted that the $499 Ultrabook would appear this weekend. It has! The Acer S3 is available for $499 at Walmart stores today.

Update: There’s a Windows 8 Ivy Ultrabook available for $489.

OK, this is a Black Friday offer, on a low-end Ultrabook, with 2011 specifications so you won’t want to use this as any kind of benchmark for current Ultrabook prices but as we revealed yesterday, even the latest Windows 8 Ultrabooks are approaching the sub $599 category. Windows 7 Ultrabooks with the latest Core i5’s are at %599 already.

Back to the Acer Aspire S3 though – is it worth it? At $499 it’s a debatable subject. One year ago when I tested it I called it an honest Ultrabook. Everything works but it’s not class-leading. Personally I would refrain from running out to Walmart right now if you can push yourself past the $499 mark. Make yourself a coffee, read this Black Friday Ultrabook deals post and keep an eye on our site for more Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ultrabook deals.

We apologise to the vast majority of readers here. You’re not in the USA, and certainly not interested in Walmart. Please bear with us over the next 24 hours as USA goes shopping crazy!

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