Video Interview. Chippy and Intel at IDF 2012

Posted on 15 November 2012 by

intel sw video screenshotThe Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge was a great experience for me, a challenge for the contestants and I hope, through the detailed information that was written by all concerned, a help and inspiration to some of you developers out there.

During my week at the Intel Developer Forum I met all the teams and also spoke to Bob Duffy who is not only a fellow Vic-20 fan but is responsible for organizing and communicating with the software community around Ultrabooks.

In the video below I talk about the UCUC but also get into talking about some of the technology and features that will be coming through the evolution of Ultrabooks.

“Reading between the lines” of what goes on at IDF helps me to build up a big picture of what’s technically possible and what’s commercially important for Intel and therefore an idea of how products will evolve during the following 12 months. That helps me to bring you, my readers,  more accurate information and predictions.

Perceptual computing (my hands-on here), Haswell, always-on (AOAC) and of-course software are discussed. You get to see the face behind the owner of too. Sorry about that!

Source: Intel via Wendy.

  • GhostEXE

    Excellent video Chip! Looking forward to more video’s and future information.

    This site is a daily visit for me, thank you for your effort.

    • Chippy

      Thanks for the feedback GhostEXE.

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