Brief News…Samsung Series 9 will get Full HD Screen

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Samsung Series 9I can’t say anything more than is in the title. The Samsung Series 9 2013 Ultrabooks will get a Full HD, 1920×1080 screen soon.

That’s all the detail we heard from the live stream of the Samsung CES press conference this evening. We hope to bring you some hands-on from our good friends on the floor at CES in Las Vegas during the week.

Meanwhile, what do you think of the new Samsung Series 7 Ultra?

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  • Skaertus

    Good, but it’s about time. What about the 2560×1440 version that we’ve seen at IFA on August 31? No word on it ever since. And now, more than 4 months later, Samsung announces the Series 9 will come with only a 1920×1080 resolution for the time being? Underwhelming.

    • Sharky

      Maybe the 13″ is getting 1080p while the 15″ gets 1440. Hope we get a hands on with both soon enough.

  • Rodrigo

    I thought we were going to see the 2560 x 1440 version, as Skaertys mentioned. It’s so sad we’re stucked at the full HD resolution.

    • Do we really need 2560×1440 on such a small screen?
      OK, my eyes are probably a little older than yours but even so…

      • Rodrigo

        Of course! Considering the fact that the UI elements will be scaled, text will become sharper and pixels impossible to distinguish, it makes a lot of difference.

      • Skaertus

        The iPad with a retina display has a 9.7″ screen and a 2048×1536 resolution. And it looks so much better than the non-retina iPad. The 2560×1440 resolution would make text sharper and you may always use scaling if you don’t like small elements on the screen.

  • Adam

    I’m with you on this one, Chippy; not really required. Regardless of the incorrectly set expectations the best high mobility laptop just got better!

    • Skaertus

      Perhaps higher resolutions are not required for your use. However, one may note that 1080p resolution is not required. Or that SSD is not required. Or an Ivy Bridge processor.

      But some may require a higher resolution display. My kind of work requires very large desktop real estate, and I can’t give up portability. So, a 2560×1440 screen resolution, uncomfortable as it may be on a 13″ laptop, would be required for my kind of work.

      If my expectations were incorrect, that is Samsung’s fault. Samsung unveiled a perfectly-working WQHD Series 9 and then, more than four months later, launches a model that fails to meet the standards that were already set.

  • Robert

    Having bought my samsung series 9 13.3 last summer and perfectly happy with the screen (youtube dvd´s ect,) I am pleased i dont feel out of date with my purchase … I must say though the new samsung 7 sounds great. One thing I am miffed about I got neatgears push2tv for Christmas and it does not seem able to connect to my widi .. on my samsung tv it says it´s not able to connect just shows the blue widi screen ugh

    • Skaertus

      You shouldn’t feel out of date with your purchase. The Series 9 with Full HD resolution is not available yet, and there is no release date set. In addition, if you were going to feel outdated every time these companies release a new version, then you would have to change your laptop every six months.

      It’s good to see tech evolving because you may be sure that your next laptop will have an even better screen than the one you have now.

  • JF_UK

    Do we have any idea on when this might actual be available as I am looking to buy an Ultrabook fairly soon. But would be happy to wait for either the HD Series 9 or the Series 7.

    Thats also implying that they will be available in the UK unlike the top end Asus Ultrabook which isnt.

    • Chippy

      At the moment, no although a complete refresh could be expected in Q3 so they need to get this upgrade out fairly quickly. I would guess that it would be available within the month. I also expect Samsung to test out some lower-cost versions with the new lower-power (lower cost) Core CPUs soon. (Replacing the cheaper Sandy Bridge model that’s available)

      • JF_UK

        Thanks Chippy I will try and keep my eyes open for a release date.

        The biggest problem I face it that I can find the spec of the manufacturers sites but when I go looking for a supplier it all falls apart and I cant find the spec I am after or the model numbers dont match.

  • etune

    Will we lose the matte display? I have to have that.

  • V-man

    etune :
    Will we lose the matte display? I have to have that.

    What makes you think, there will be no matte display?

  • Skaertus

    Ultrabook News is the only site that is reporting these news, as far as I am concerned. Is this information confirmed?

  • Drvec

    Hands on with the *white* 2013 Samsung Series 9…!

  • V-man

    Skaertus :
    Ultrabook News is the only site that is reporting these news, as far as I am concerned. Is this information confirmed?

    … I think you are right. I checked some liveticker of the samsung press conference and there is nothing about this.

    Maybe Chippy got the news about the new series 7 ultra (which comes with a 1920×1080 display) and the new white series 9 model mixed up.

    A shame. The display is a big point against buying the series 9 15″…

  • Rodrigo

    At least Acer is coming with an Ultrabook with 2880 x 1620 resolution!

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