Samsung Series 7 Ultra Hands-On Video from CES

Posted on 08 January 2013 by

Samsung Series 7 Ultra grabThis video comes from GadjetJM and it’s a good overview of the new Samsung Series 7 Ultra that got launched a few days ago. This Series 7 is looking like a real powerhouse of an Ultrabook with touch and discreet graphics. Backlit keyboard, SSD and a Full HD screen of 1920×1080.

See our previous article for more on the details.

Slashgear also got some hands-on. See there article here.



  • curaga

    Not really interested in the whole HD and ultra HD stuff (seems more of an ego thing on sub 13.3″ screens) but is there any info on the power consumption of these screens compared to existing/other new ones?

    During low to medium CPU usage, the screen takes up a large chunk of the battery drain.

    • I totally agree. I’m seeing, let say (from my head), 30% more power required on the HD touchscreens. That’s not a huge amount on the total Ultrabook requirement but as you say, significant on low CPU usage scenarios.

      • DavidC1

        I don’t. The Acer Iconia W700 with 1080p IPS touchscreen and Ivy Bridge Core i5 achieves much better battery life.

      • Matt


        You don’t agree that the screen takes up a good chunk of the batter life during low to medium CPU usage?

        I’d like companies to show the differences in power consumption between screens including their competitors. Well, I mostly want companies to put more focus on low power consumption and outdoor visibiilty too.

  • lonechicken

    That keyboard looks like it’ll be a nightmare to see the writing on, like my old HP Pavilion 5 series laptop.

  • Ghost

    I tried the acer s7 for a while and to point a few things out for touch based ultrabooks.:

    Touchscreen on a laptop/utlrabook is very gimmicky, even after a while of using it you almost forget it most of the time and revert to the touchpad/mouse.
    Glossy screen is horrible and is full of smudges most of the time.
    The full hd on 13,3 makes everything very small on the screen ( yes can be fixes in windows but it still small )

    I compared it side by side with my samung series 9 and the difference is very noticable ( matt vs gloss ) yet the lower resolution of the samsung is hardly noticable at all.

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