Ultrabooknews Podcast 11 Jan 2013 – Intel’s CES

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It’s Friday which means it’s time to give some attention to the software side of things with our continuing series of articles written in collboration with Intel. This week we’ve got the first ever Ultrabooknews podcast for you and guesting on the podcasts is Intel’s community manager for Ultrabooks and tablets, Bob Duffy.

Bob works in a team responsible for the Intel Developer Zone – the one-stop-shop for all your software dev information, forums, competitions, blogs, code examples, SDKs and more. The Intel Development Zone Ultrabook section is here.

In the podcast (24 minutes long) we have a great discussion about what happened at CES, about Ultrabook convertible form factors, what Haswell brings to the table, Connected Standby, CLovertrail, Bay Trail, touch, sensors, perceptual computing, events, competitions and more.

You can leave questions and comments below and we’ll try and pick up a few important ones and get Bob to answer them.

Just click to play or download the MP3

Ultrabooknews Podcast 11 Jan 2011 with Bob Duffy

The RSS feed for the podcasts is here and we’ll try and get it set-up into iTunes too.

You can see all the developer posts in this Intel-sponsored series here.

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