Intel App Porter Tool Kickstarts HTML5 Development

Posted on 27 February 2013 by


Eric Mantion from Intel gives us an overview of a new tool Intel have developed for porting IOS apps into HTML5 so they can be re-distributed onto other platforms. The app porter does the ‘kickstart’ work in getting the bulk of the code working under HTML5 and Javascript and identifies areas of the code that need hand-tuning. For those people with existing IOS apps looking to go to other platforms, this could be a great way to get things moving or even to analyse the manpower involved in a porting project.

The App Porter was demonstrated running on an Ultrabook

The tool has just been released and is being continually worked on. Download the beta and find a tutorial here.

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Full disclosure. Intel have paid for our attendance at MWC. As part of that we’re taking the time to learn more about the Intel Software Development Zone and to bring you some software-development related resources relevant to the Ultrabook developer.

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