Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro Hands-On, Look at Docks

Posted on 08 March 2013 by


I’ve just got back from CeBIT but there are a number of experiences I still have to tell you about. Most are already in my YouTube channel so check that out. Here’s one that I think many of you will be looking at if you’re considering mobility and flexibility. The hybrid laptop, dockable Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro is effectively an Ultrabook crammed into a tablet and a docking station with keyboard and USB ports.

It’s not quite up to the capability of an ASUS Transformer Pro or Lenovo Helix with their additional battery in the docking station but it’s still worth looking at. It’s likely to be cheaper too.

We’ve already got a review up here but in this video you’ll see the two different docking solutions that can be used.

Any ATIV Pro 700T owners out there? Let us know how you’re getting on with the Smart PC Pro in the comments.


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  • JohnCz

    Thats the first time I’ve seen the desktop dock for Smart PC Pro 700T … Samsung’s website doesn’t mention it at all.

  • jjrdias

    Not putting a battery in the keyboard, particularly considering this is a power-hungry Core device, is astonishingly stupid.

  • Matt

    Did they give you some sort of design reason as to why there’s no battery in the keyboard (ie. weight, thickness or price target)?

  • scoobie

    I had one for a month,but I sent it back. Reasons- tablet too big and too heavy, and just 64gb with only 14gb usuable hard drive space out of the box.

  • scoobie

    Very cheap materials used to build the device too by the way, the back of the tablet scratched like crazy

  • Adam

    This is the only dockable tablet option available through my work’s corporate purchase program currently. (128 GB version) Going back and forth between this and the Asus UX31 touch version; the Asus comes with a 256GB SSD, though.

    I really want a dockable tablet with WIDI but all these devices on Ivybridge are going to look ridiculous come Haswell so I’ll probably just grab the UX31…


    • My only worries with the UX are the Wifi. I saw people struggling with 2.4ghz networks at CeBit on zenbooks.

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