Lenovo Yoga 13 SSD-based Touch Convertible for $899

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Amazon are offering the Lenovo Yoga 13 with 128GB SSD and 1.8Ghz Core (Ivy Bridge) for $899.99 (was $1049) which represents not only the cheapest SSD-based Ultrabook Convertible but one of the cheapest Ultrabooks with SSD. This is a great offer and worth checking out if you’re looking for an SSD-based Ultrabook.

Lenovo Yoga 13 for $899 at Amazon.com

On the downside you don’t get a backlit keyboard and the WiFi is non-WiDi 2.4Ghz only but the screen is great, the keyboard and mouse is great, battery life is good and there’s a good range of ports. I’ve got a Core i7 version in front of me and it feels well-rounded and productive. It’s one of the few Ultrabooks you can throw in front of a screen and not have to bother with an external keyboard and mouse. Working with a stacked screen is very space-saving.

The screen resolution is a useful 1600×900, there’s a full SD card slot and the 180-degree fold-back screen.

Our full review of the Core i7 version is here. “Despite a weak screen output, fan-noise and a few optional Ultrabook features like WiDi and keyboard backlight, is computationally strong. It’s fast, productive and well-built.”

The Core i3 version won’t perform as well as the Core i7 version but you’ll still be getting a strong processor with exactly the same GPU performance as the Core i7 version. The SSD will really help keep thing ticking along well. The Core i5 version is available for an extra 100 Euros.

Lenovo Yoga 13 for $899 at Amazon.com

The Lenovo Yoga 13 is the #2 bestseller, the #4 most wished-for and the #5 top-rated Ultrabook at Amazon. In the whole notebook segment it’s the #21 best seller and has a 4 out of 5 rating.

S400Speaking of rankings, a touch-enabled laptop just broke the top-ten best-sellers at Amazon which indicates huge numbers of sales. It’s not an Ultrabook though. The ASUS X202E has been getting great feedback from owners and is now only $479.99. The Ultrabook version of this, the  ASUS Vivobook S400 includes a larger battery and hybrid hard drive, Core i5 CPU and 500GB of storage. It’s the #14 best selling laptop for just $644.99 at Amazon.

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