Razer Blade Haswell Ultrabook aimed at Gamers

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“Designed for Gaming” says the advertising for the Razer Blade Ultrabook. We say you should look closely at this one even if you’re not a gamer. Haswell, 1600×900, 70Wh battery and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M make this Ultrabook unique. The design is pretty hot too.

Specifications for the Razer Blade

  • Processor: Future 4th gen Intel® Core™processor (formerly codename Haswell)
  • Memory: 8GB onboard memory (DDR3L-1600MHz)
  • Graphics and Video:NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 765M (2GB GDDR5 VRAM, Optimus™ Technology)
  • Display: 14.0" HD+ 16:9 Ratio, 1600×900, with LED backlight
  • Storage: 256GB SATA III SSD
  • Power: Compact 150W Power Adapter, Built-in 70Wh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Communications: Killer™ Wireless-N 1202 (802.11a/b/g/n + Bluetooth® 4.0)
  • Size and Weight: Width: 13.6” / 345mm, Depth: 9.3" / 235mm, Height: 0.66"/ 16.8mm, Weight: 4.1 lbs / 1.88kg
  • Ports: USB3.0 (x3), HDMI, headset.
  • Operating System, Windows® 8 (64-Bit)

1.88KG for a 14” Ultrabook isn’t the best you’ll find but given the battery capacity and the processing specs, you won’t find anything lighter.

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Pricing is said to be $1800 for the US launch this quarter so yes, this isn’t cheap but it’s one amazingly stylish graphics workstation.

Global availability will follow.

Via PCWatch

  • Ghost

    I want to say it looks great, but on the other hand it just a black macbook design wise. I wish they changed the hinge design, then it would look more unique. Otherwise great product.

  • artaman

    …one has to hope though that it won’t be throttling down to 30% of the spec capabilities due to overheating…150Watt power adapter…not even the 17 inch desktop replacements have such power demands…

  • DavidC1

    The Razer and Razer Blade isn’t an Ultrabook. It uses the quad core Haswell CPUs. Also, per 3rd generation Ultrabook specifications, it doesn’t have touchscreen or WiDi.

    • No touch means no Ultrabook when it has 4th-gen Core. You’re right David.

      But is it a 3rd Gen Ultrabook with added Haswell? An Ultrabook alternative?


      • DavidC1

        It is Haswell, but a 37W standard voltage quad core chip. You need a 28W or a 15W.

    • James

      The Razer Blade is a Ultra Thin & Light, thinner than the thickest point of the 13.3″ MBA, at just 0.66″, and only a bit heavier at 4 pounds.

      SSD is a mSATA that starts at 128GB at the base pricing and goes up to 256GB or 512GB options…

      WiFi is suppose to be gaming grade “killer” as they put it…

      RAM appears soldered for 8GB…

      The Haswell MCM and Nvidia discrete GPU both get dedicated heat sinks channeled to dedicated case fans, which draw in cool air from three directions and vent the hot air out of two separate vents.

      The battery is a whopping 70WHr, which is just 4WHr smaller than the Blade Pro battery.

      Both the Blade and Blade Pro use the same GTX 765M with 2GB dedicated RAM…

      Screen is matte with 1600×900 resolution and it still has full size USB 3.0 ports and HDMI 1.4 compliant port…

      The 6 hour run time claim is apparently based on MobileMark 2007 for general usage estimate… gaming is still likely to give a lot less.

      While keynote seems to indicate that system may not be set up for switchable graphics and may use the Nvidia card all the time…

      Keyboard also appears to have a green back light…

      Limited quantities will start shipping in a little over two weeks from now and pre-orders will start being accepted in just a few days from now…

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